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He is very patient with me and he is very attentive on how I am performing the exercise correctly never rushes me always making sure everything is right and always right there to assist me with anything I am doing always giving me tips on how to do any exercise and always explains how important it is stretching after weight training and also the proper way to warm up before any workout!!!  well I have had many trainers and I am the type of person that I need and like to be pushed to my fullest potential  and I found that in him he absolutely keeps pushing me so in my opinion he does a great job and I recommend him to anyone that needs any help with training!!

Lorena Furtado

You can expect personal accountability and results. What he does is more than just a service, it’s an absolute lifestyle change for the better. He’s flexible in helping you manage a busy schedule, as well as managing excuses not to be the best version of yourself. He’s motivational, friendly, and all you can ask for in a trainer with his extensive knowledge and personal experience in the fitness industry.

Austin Rodrigues

The best trainer in Taunton! Fabio not only talks to the talk but walks the walk as well. He is an excellent instructor and teacher and he takes the time to work with every client 1 on 1 and make sure that they are getting the most out of their workout for THEIR body & lifestyle.

Andrew Peterson

Fabio is a very knowledgeable and dedicated trainer, he pays close attention to your strengths and struggles, a genuine trainer who truly practices what he preaches!

Andrew Couto

I recommend Fabios Fitness to anyone and everyone! I had a great experience Fabio made me a workout plan hat fit my needs and lifestyle. I also did one on one sessions he was very friendly, helpful and encouraging. And let's not forget he's affordable!!! I'll definitely be doing more sessions. Thank you.

Mellissa Couto

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